Welcome to the Knowledgepool Supplier Portal.

Organisations interested in working with Knowledgepool as a prospective Supplier are required to read the following instructions before clicking Proceed at the bottom of this page.

Registering on our site will mean that Knowledgepool will hold your information on record and may then consider you as a potential supplier for any future sourcing activity. Registered organisations may also express interest in Current Opportunities posted on this portal. 

Please ensure you fully complete all sections as part of this process, failure to do so will mean you are not registered and will therefore not be considered for future opportunities.

Please note the registration process consists of two distinct stages:

Stage A: Register Interest 

  • Login details*
  • Personal details
  • Company contact details
  • Categories which you are able to supply
  • Regions in which you operate
  • Terms & Conditions

Please note you will receive an email confirming you have completed this stage of your registration. This email will request that you activate your account and set up a password via the link provided within the email.  If you do not receive this confirmation email shortly after completing this process, please check your email's Junk folder before contacting Supplier.Management@Knowledgepool.com for assistance.

When you log in with your details it will then take you into the second stage of the supplier registration process, as below, which you must access by clicking on “View Company Profile” to access the Company Background tab. 

*The e-mail you provide here will be the primary contact for your organisation and will receive all automatic notifications from the portal

Stage B: Supplier Registration Questionnaire

Please ensure you complete all questions on this page and submit.

It is important to keep your organisation’s details updated as they will drive the notifications of new opportunities you receive.

If you have difficulties completing any part of this registration, please contact: Supplier.Management@Knowledgepool.com or check our Help Information section above. 

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