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The NHS Digital Academy is an initiative announced by the Secretary of State for Health at Health and Care Innovation Expo in September 2016 and followed from a review carried out by Professor Robert Wachter to inform the English health and care system’s approach to the implementation of IT in healthcare. A key observation from the Wachter Review was that there is “a lack of professionals – namely Chief Clinical Information Officers (CCIOs) and Chief Information Officers (CIOs) - that can drive forward the transformation agenda enabled by informatics and technology.”

The NHS Digital Academy will be a virtual organisation that will provide a unique and prestigious training and development programme for NHS CCIOs, CIOs and aspirant digital leaders.

Capita on behalf of the customer is seeking a partner(s) to deliver the NHS Digital Academy on behalf of the health and care system. The Customer intends that it becomes a sustainable development programme across health and care and intend to work closely with the appointed delivery partner to ensure establishment of the Academy including the recruitment of candidate cohorts and accreditation of the programme with the appropriate professional bodies.


This programme aims to cover key areas and skills that will be required by the current generation of CIOs and CCIOS as well as future digital leaders to be able to lead and set strategy for digital and ehealth innovation across the health system from large scale health IT systems (e.g. electronic health records) to personal health and wellness devices. In addition, our leaders will be able to understand the power of the data these systems hold, how it can be used to support decision-making, planning and delivery of health care.

We anticipate that the duration of a programme cohort will be up to 12 months part-time, with cohorts commencing every 6 months, and each cohort involving up to 50 delegates.

Expected themes for the development programme

1. Essentials of Health Informatics - this section focusses on giving individuals the key skills in order to practice in informatics and provide a whole systems thinking to the field.
2. Usable Health Systems Design and citizen-driven Informatics - this section focuses on introducing key factors to be considered when designing and developing health systems that are to be effectively used including a focus on the co-production of health.
3. Leadership and Management - this section will focus on seven core areas including: relationships and engagement; effective communications and marketing; leadership practice; team building and effectiveness; project management; change management and innovative thinking.
4. Clinical Decision Support and Knowledge Management - this section will review the different types of data that health and wellness systems collect and process to allow informed clinical and healthcare decisions about individuals to populations.
5. Data and interventions for service improvement - this section focuses how data can be used to improve services, quality and patient safety.
6. Health Information Technologies Implementation - this section focuses at knowledge and skills required to lead and participate on the development or procurement of health information systems.


1. Development of up to 300 professionals – by the end of 2020/21 - that can drive health and care transformation enabled by technology and informatics including up-skilling of current CCIOs/CIOs.
2. Development of a world class development programme producing leaders that can drive the transformation agenda in health and care.


To provide prospective Bidders with more information and for Q&A, we intend to hold an Engagement Webinar on 22nd March, from 10:00am -12:00 noon. If you would like to register your interest for this session we would be very pleased if you could join us <Please send an e-mail including the following details to

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Deadline for registration is 12:00 noon Tuesday 21st March 2017. Each Bidder is allowed a maximum of 2 attendees.

Prior to the Webinar, we invite Bidders to submit Clarification Questions about the requirement to on or before 4:00 pm Friday 17th March 2017 . Capita reserves the right to share anonymised versions of all questions received and their answers with all Bidders.

Following this session, at the end of March, we intend to formally publish the Request for Proposal (RFP).

We welcome responses from organisations with demonstrable experience of providing this type of service. Interested bidders can register to participate in the RFP by accessing the Current Opportunities tab and clicking the “Login or Register to View Further Information” button.

Please note that Bidders will only receive access to the Tender documents after it has been launched and no further information or notification will be available until then unless Bidders are advised otherwise.

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